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“Absolutely amazing. I was in tears . . . . Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”    

Rima, Sydney, Australia


My reading with Ahni was "incredible."  The things discussed in that reading have continued to come true right up to the present moment.    

Lynn, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida


Thank you for the Incredible Reading on April 18th. I was amazed at how events and conditions you mentioned are manifesting so quickly and in such a powerful way! Thank you so much for being here and for fulfilling your divine mission.    

Lori, Laurel Hill, North Carolina


Without a doubt Ahni is one of the most gifted readers  I've had the opportunity to be with. I find her readings to be very accurate and deeply insightful! I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of one of her readings.    

Connie, Saluda, North Carolina


You did a reading for me that has been life-changing. Thank you so much. Everything that you talked about in the session has come to fruition (this is a very good thing!). Thank you for all that you do and for sharing your light.    

Jen, Melbourne, Florida


...She was able to pass great understanding and open my consciousness to several affirmations which helped me to grow as an individual and spiritually. I cried for the first time in ages and felt a blast of energy and rejuvenation after the session.    

Jesse, Blumenau, Brazil


Thank You, Ahni.  The reading was wonderful and no-doubt will be life-changing! I can't thank you enough.  It has really put my mind at rest.    

Jason, Wellingborough, England


The reading with you was exceptional.... Everything you brought through was clear and relevant, and really helped crystallize where I want and need to go.... I came away feeling like I'd had a full meal rather than an appetizer.    

Terry, Tallahassee, Florida


In 2011 my beautiful daughter passed away unexpectedly. My grief plunged me into the deepest, darkest hole.... Receiving my Life Reading from Ahni pulled me from that hole, dried my tears, and gave me the light I needed to continue my journey....    

Carey, Houston, Texas


. . . when I listened to the recording I had goose bumps everywhere. It was so accurate in its representation of my life at that point, I knew that Ahni's connection to Spirit was very real and very strong.    

Barbara, Saluda, North Carolina


You recently did a reading for me which was shockingly accurate.  You also did a reading for my sister which was, again, shockingly accurate.  So, my teenage sons have asked for readings.  Here is their information . . .    

Becca, Greenwood, South Carolina


Just to let you know I have received the reading and THANK YOU so much. I needed that!! It certainly has lit my way. Thank you, thank you, thank you! With much Love & Gratitude    

Jannelle, Northamptonshire, England


Ahni, Thank you again for the wonderful reading. It was just what I needed. What revelation! It lit a fire! I've told three people about you so far.    

Joe, New York, NY


The reading you did for me was truly amazing! It has helped me to understand where I am in my life and has given me incredible insight into what is ahead. Thank you for sharing your incredible gift and for giving me the courage to recognize mine.    

Shoshanna, Jacksonville,Florida


My parents purchased a reading from you in Oct. 2012 for my birthday. The insights I gained through your reading were phenomenal -- many of your predictions have come to fruition. Life events, I never could’ve imagined, but you were able to see....    

Stephanie, Palm Beach, Florida




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