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Time of the In-Breath – Part 6

Monthly Archives: November 2015

Time of the In-Breath – Part 6

Involvement of Spiritual Sources

Upon hearing this prophecy, some will question the possibility of such a global shift as we have described. After all, this type of change did not spring forth from the ashes of World War I nor World War II. So why would it occur in this era from an incident in the Middle East?

We say, it will occur at this point in time due to the power and involvement of spiritual sources, for it will not only be humankind that is involved in the event that will become the catalyst for change. There will also be significant spiritual beings acting upon the will of God that will cause this event to be so profoundly powerful.

Let us reaffirm what will occur. There will be an enormous blast that will be a horrific event. From the ashes will walk a small group of people, arm in arm, to show they are united in creating a new and better way—a way of peace. In the midst of these young people whose destinies involve that critical moment in time, will be The Christ, the one and only Christ, overlaying his spirit and energy in that moment. In truth and in fact, these courageous individuals will be supported and empowered by one of the highest spiritual sources in existence. The Chohan, the one and only Christ, not to be confused with the beloved Jesus Christ, will appear in that time in human form as he overlays or overshadows his power upon those involved. This will be a truly spiritual, emotional, and inspirational moment in time for humanity. It will be so because of the Divine involvement at that time.

We share there will be others who will be involved—others who will be present in physical form to help create and hold a level of energy upon the Earth for this to occur. In total there will be three spiritual beings who will assume human form to enable this shift to effectively occur. In truth, earlier messages regarding the coming of the Three Kings pertained to this event. Three beings of high spiritual standing are now on Earth and are making preparations for this event to occur.

Coming tomorrow: The Three Kings

Time of the In-Breath – Part 5

“If you want to end the war then instead of sending guns, send books.
Instead of sending tanks, send pens.
Instead of sending soldiers, send teachers.”

~~ Malala Yousafzai (17 year-old Noble Peace Laureate)

Chapter Two

The Cradle of the Civilized World

The Movement

Out of the ashes will come a whole New World Order that has a focus upon peace. The New Order will spread into a movement that will have no tolerance for oppression or acts of violence towards people, animals, water, or any aspect of the Earth. More patience will be had. More compassion will be had. Your world will have reached the tipping point in its spiritual evolution for its people, other forms of life, and your precious planet. It is at that point your planet will be considered for the status of sacred planet.

In terms of the New Order, the average person will become the driving force for the movement. It will not be the elected leaders who are in positions of power and leadership. It will be the average person who is so fed up with what has been occurring that they will unite and they will act. This will occur all over the world. One group will be so inspired by others uniting and acting that they too will march for and demand a new way or New Order. Rather than waiting for laws to be enacted to support a new way, they will take it upon themselves to be the new way. This movement will be contagious and will spread like a plague; but unlike a plague that harms people, this movement will inspire them and make their lives better.

Central to the spread of what is occurring will be the internet. It will spread the word as well as the images of what is occurring. It will be a key network for the shift. Images at the site of devastation and the sight of people rising up in peace and coming together will be a tremendous source for inspiration. The site for the event will become known as the Cradle of the Civilized World. It will also become known as Inspiration Point.

The event will be an event spoken of for some time to come for it will have been the harbinger of peace. The event will become the basis of stories, songs, and folklore. The individuals involved will have their names applied to circumstances and this reference will become a commonly used term or expression. Not only will the event begin a journey of peace and the transition for a better way, it will become a part of history and a part of language. Parents will name babies after the names of the individuals involved.

Time of the In-Breath – Part 4

Shedding Light on Judas

As you can understand from what has been said, this is all by Divine design. Since it is by design, various souls chose to be a part and play certain roles that will help achieve the intended goal. This commitment was made prior to entering this life time. Some souls came to take a stand and then march together for peace, while others will assume the role of performing the terrible act that becomes the catalyst for change. The coming together of these two opposites, these polar factions— one harmful and one good—is critically important for the combination will create a better world. Without the occurrence of the terrible act, a better world could not be achieved.

In Christian beliefs the one known as Judas committed an act of betrayal against Jesus. In truth, he did not want to do such a thing against Jesus who was a person he loved dearly. Yet, he followed through, fulfilling that role so the world and future generations could understand what is possible for humankind. That act was required to achieve what you refer to as the resurrection. Such is the case with what we have described for the future.

We bring your attention to a point in time, a point in the future when all God’s creatures will live in peace, when each will have concern for one another as if it were himself. In that time, there will be peace, a peace that passes present understanding. The future we speak of must be difficult for people in this present time to comprehend. It must seem to be fiction; yet it is totally possible and will become a reality when enough people become conscious of making the right choices and taking the right actions for all concerned, rather than only for themselves. This shift will change your present world to one of compassion, unity, and freedom.

Purpose for the Prophecy

We share this information now for a number of important reasons. We share it so your world will understand there are incidents that at first appear to be terrible and cause people to want to retaliate; yet the events may have a greater purpose. Such is the event that comes. When the aforementioned blast occurs, please understand it is part of the solution—the one act that corrects by clearing the harmful energy that has held so many in its grasp for so long. In essence, we are saying this event will be a good thing for the Middle East and a good thing for your realm.

This event will bring to the fore a new leader who can lead in a way that will move everyone forward with hope and with a vision for how things can be. This act will enable others to reframe their perspective regarding what is possible. It will bring people together and enable them to lay down their weapons for they will understand there truly is a better way. Most of all they will understand that better way is right before their eyes.

Time of the In-Breath – Part 3

The Prophesized Event

We share that a blast, an explosion of some magnitude, will occur in the area of your world known to humankind as the Middle East. This blast will shock your world. Its sound and energy will reverberate in many ways around your planet. Most people will be shocked and stunned. Some will not be.

In the aftermath, a momentum and a movement will arise, for the explosion will mark a shift in the energy. It will clear that area of the energy of the past. Death will indeed come; but it will be a good death, a necessary death of a way that serves no one. It is necessary to clear what needs to be terminated.

Although many people fear death, it is an integral part of the dynamic of existence. With death comes opportunity because the conclusion of one presence opens room for something new to come forth in its place. So death, in essence, makes way for new life in the form of progress and opportunities. It can be recognized as a great healing force in your world. In point of fact, in the instance of which we have spoken, the event will heal a great, festering wound. From it will arise a New World and a New Order. From the ashes of what has been, Light will enter and take root.

The Christ

The Light will be planted by three people who will rise and lead the way. These individuals will set the course for a new way of being. The three will be led by one who actually sets the course. The other two join him to hold up and support the energy in a way it cannot be misinterpreted or missed. This one, this leader, will be of the time; yet, he will also be of all time for he will be overshadowed by the one most high Christ. As Jesus Christ was overshadowed in his finals days by him, the one and the same, so will this leader who rises from the ashes be overshadowed. This leader is amongst you now. His heart is pure. He does not fully comprehend at this time what his role is to be. Yet, he will become aware at the time he is overshadowed by the Christ, the one and only.

This is the crux of this information—for the knowledge and awareness concerning the involvement of spiritual beings who will assume human form is of utmost significance for it is the involvement of these three in this way that will enable this shift to effectively occur.

The earlier messages regarding the three kings in truth pertained to this prophesized event. Three beings of high spiritual standing are now on Earth and are making preparations for this event to occur.

We share as well, life as you know it now will cease to exist and a new and brighter way of life will be born. This is the projection, the future, as it is seen now. Many lives will be lost in the conflict. Yet, these lives will not have been lost in vain for they will be the catalyst that makes a new world possible. The souls who will be involved in this act, will be sacrificing their lives for the greater good. They chose to do so prior to entering this lifetime. They are martyrs and in truth they are ascended masters. They entered this lifetime for the purpose of changing the world and enabling all forms of life to have a better life and a better opportunity to evolve.

Time of the In-Breath – Part 2

The Gift

There is a course ahead of you. You might think of this course as one in which you are traveling in an open vehicle and you drive over a large bump in the road. As a result of that bump, everything, meaning what you presently have, is tossed out and you are left with the opportunity to begin again in terms of what you want in your life. This image will be most important to hold in your mind as the hoped for time of peace and prosperity can be exactly what you replace the old thinking and way of life with.

The event that comes is in essence a gift. It is the blessing that can change the present dire course of Earth’s history to one of promise. Prepare your thinking.

Recognize that when this event occurs it is that time of desired change.

It will be the moment when all people, particularly those in leadership roles, must pause to take a breath and to recognize the opportunity that is at hand, for it would indeed be a tragedy if this opportunity was lost.

It will take great courage as well as stillness and standing in a place of peace, which will be modeled by those who will step forward and lead. It will take a maximum ‘In-breath’ to not react with anger or fear or from a warrior spirit. It will require that pause in the In-breath to remember this is the moment of which we spoke.

A series of talks among world leaders will ensue in your world. Yet, these discussions will not change the present course of events. The course is set. It is set as if on metal tracks in a railway system, and it will remain as predetermined. This is unfortunate. Much energy, negative vengeful energy, has gone before that solidified this outcome and course. What proceeds affects the present, particularly if it is in large measure and repeated in generation after generation. A course is set. This has been foretold in your world for a long, long time and through various sources. The outcome is dire; yet, from the ashes will rise a New Order.

We share that until that time, a state of conflict will ensue for various areas of your planet—as some are at present in great turmoil, either nationally with neighboring countries or with factions rebelling or gaining power via involvement with illegal drugs and other crimes. A peak will be reached in these areas causing people to question and to seek a better way. It is often the tragedies that lead or cause people to change. People can tolerate a measure of discomfort or tragedy; but when that limit is breached, change must be sought.

We share that your earth will reach such a point in the near future. Tensions in the area you refer to as the Middle East will continue to rise until the event will occur. This event will incite people to act towards ending violence. The event will be of such a degree that further fighting cannot be tolerated. At that point a door of opportunity will open and a group of young peacemakers will walk through. Others will follow and join them. People of all nationalities and religious beliefs will come together and march for peace. This march will be simulated around the world in other countries and there will be a united force for peace.


Much of what we say pertains to preparation for the coming event. This time of preparation is important for affecting the outcome in a positive way—and please understand—now is the time of preparation. It is also the Time of the Forerunners of Peace and Change. You are truly in the early phases of transformation and in truth have been for some time. As with any successful and meaningful outcomes, the preparation is integral to the outcome. In this instance, that preparation is in part education so all or as many as possible on your planet, will recognize the event when it occurs for what it truly is—a gift, a blessing, and the open vehicle for peace to enter in and drive you forward into the future.

This time, this moment will be called ‘The Time of the In-Breath’. Recognize it as such. Pause to take it in and reflect upon what is occurring and you will have that opportunity to achieve peace and a better world for all forms of life. Amen and Amen.

Be Awake

All this depends upon how others, particularly ‘super powers’, view what has occurred. Some factions of the old order and old thinking will want to go to war. They will be encouraged to do so by those who benefit from the sale of weapons and all supplies associated with war. Be awake! Do not allow this to happen for rather than healing what has gone on for so long, it will propagate and even worsen the circumstances. It will, in effect, set you back in a number of ways by hitting a ‘reset’ button for the former energies and ways.

Much energy has been poured into your realm to help enlighten and shift the energy and make your planet a more conscious one. Much has gone on at the level of the unseen to assist you and to ease the dire conditions of your world. Much has been done to support this important shift for your planet. It is an opportunity that must be understood for the significance and promise it has for your world. It is truly the answer to many prayers for a better world and it is a significant step towards making your planet a sacred one, which has been the objective and hope of so many in your solar system.

Next: The Prophesized Event

Time of the In-Breath – Part 1

Book 3
A Tapestry for Change

“A time has come when man, all humankind, will be at a tipping point. This will be understood and the need for changing the way you live will be imminent. The question you will face is how to go about it, for it will involve a shift in perception, thinking, human interactions, and relations at all levels from the individual to international relations. This will be no small task. For that reason, various unusual measures will be instigated. All of which will occur on the heels of an event that will change your world. This event will be the catalyst for all that will follow.”

~~The Guardians of Peace

The Source

The guidance for this book and the others in The Tapestry for Change series was received by mental telepathy from a group in the Highest Realm known as the Guardians of Peace. They are ascended masters who work tirelessly to raise our level of consciousness and create a better world for all. Their prophecy is not about creating fear; rather it is about helping us to understand the coming event is a gift, an opportunity to create peace in our world.

It is with much gratitude that I share their teachings in segments via the internet. It is my hope that by providing smaller sections of the book over time more people will stop to read and thus understand the purpose for the prophecy and what is to come. I give this part of the book freely with a loving and hopeful heart. I pray their words will reach all parts of the globe and make the beautiful difference the masters intend.

Ahni Atkins


“What kind of peace do we seek? . . . . I am talking about genuine peace, the kind of peace that makes life on earth worth living, the kind that enables men and nations to grow and to hope and to build a better life for their children . . . not merely peace in our time but peace for all time.”

~John F. Kennedy


Chapter One
The Prophecy

A time has come for the people of your world to recognize change needs to be made. This is because you are presently on a course that will lead to further destruction, we are sorry to say. That course involves further fighting, although it will be in a more serious form than in the past. Tempers will flare. Patience will wane. Zealots will pledge their lives to the destruction of other people with no regard for their own lives or the lives of the people they do not like. An apt image to hold in your mind is one of a finger on a trigger or poised atop a button ready to initiate war. That is how close your world truly is to annihilating countries and thus portions of your world.

Many attempts have been made from significant figures in your realm to bring a measure of peace, although the attempts have for all intents and purposes fallen upon deaf ears. The Highest Realm and other concerned dedicated beings throughout the cosmos have attempted to intercede for peace in your world. As you have learned in Book Two of this series, raising the level of consciousness for your planet will benefit other planets in your Universe. So not only will you benefit from improving the state of your world, other worlds will benefit as well.

Although various factions have attempted to help, humankind persists on its course in which each nation, militia or religion fights for others to recognize how their way of thinking is the best and only way. However, let us assure you, there is no one nation, militia, or religion that will appeal to and suit everyone in your world. It is simply not going to happen. For that reason, humankind is at a point where they must consider a different path toward achieving peace in your fractious world, for what you are presently doing does not work.

Your present course is one of destruction. It is one that will destroy significant areas and then ripple out to affect many, many more. It will ripple out through the Web of Life, which is the basic structure that connects everything on your planet and beyond. The Web will be compromised and it will take some time to rebuild. Damage to that structure affects not only those who live in affected areas, but all people and all living things that exist on your planet because that is the very nature of the Web. Every form of life, which includes humans, animals, plants, insects, water, and so on, all form one amazing living being. They are not separate entities because they are all connected and part of the Web of Life. Thus, the kind of damage and destruction that is coming will affect not only one area, but all areas and all living things to some measure for some time to come.

What is needed is a leader that can bring everyone to a point of reason. However, your world is made up of separate nations and lands that believe their way is the only way. Each nation has its own leader who represents his or her nation’s desires and trying to work together is often, to use an expression in your world, like trying to keep oodles of frogs in a wheelbarrow. Your United Nations is a wonderful attempt to bring unity and peace; however, it is not as effective as one would hope. One supreme leader, much like a school teacher or principal, is needed to bring all children into line to shake hands and be friends. Unfortunately, in this case, that is not going to happen.

The Earth realm functions on the Fourth Ray of ‘harmony through conflict’. This means that people continue on their present course until things build to the point of conflict and then they stop to figure out what is going on. At that point, a resolution can be found that will make things better and bring everyone back into harmony. Unfortunately, the conflict can continue for some time because humans are caught up in that process and become very bitter and grumpy and want to ‘fix’ things through physical action, such as fighting and war, rather than sitting down to resolve things in a peaceful way. Truly nations can act like children when it comes to getting what they want instead of using peaceful dialogue and compromise.

The point of this book is certainly not to criticize humankind or the leaders of nations for the way they have been handling conflicts. That process and how much can be achieved really comes down to the histories, philosophies, frustrations, and beliefs of the people of the nations involved. So, let us say, you will plod along as you have, trying to keep the wheels of your nations on the road and keep them from falling over the edge. This is a difficult and precarious position for nations to be in. It is difficult because often one nation creates ruts in the road that causes another nation to falter and on it goes. In this way, the path will ultimately become impassable.

Your planet is not only among the most beautiful, its diversity of plant and animal life both on land and in water is extraordinary. Your world is truly unique in all the cosmos. You have oceans and waterfalls, canyons, mountains, gardens, and so much more. For all intents and purposes you live in a paradise; yet you do not live as though your recognize this. Your world is a treasure in every sense of the word. But, most people do not see the magnitude of beauty that exists, nor focus upon the beauty because they focus upon the problems and the differences. Truly, what you see is determined by where you place your focus. In your world, you focus upon the differences, rather than the blessings. As you focus upon the differences more and more they become bigger and bigger until they become mountains and you reach the point of conflict. This places your amazing planet along with all forms of life in peril.

You are spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere. Rather than moving forward, you are moving deeper down in the mud where you cannot see your way out. For that reason, members of the Highest Realm are interceding in a different way with a plan to bring about peace in your world. It will come on the heels of an event that is planned. That event, although it may seem horrific at the time, will be the catalysts for change and peace.

It will be important for world leaders to recognize what this event will be about and what promise it offers for a peaceful world in the future. That event is what this book is all about. This book will provide a glimpse into the prophecy of what will occur in the future. It is all about preparing your world for what comes so that you will recognize the event as the opportunity it is, rather than as a step toward war.

That prophecy is significant for it foretells the method for achieving a better world. It is extremely important for this information be understood in advance or the desired outcome for peace will slip through the fingers of humanity. By learning of this prophecy, understanding its significance, and adhering to the guidance provided, you will be able to change your present course to one of peace and one that will lead to a hopeful and bright future.

Watch for the next segment of the book!

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