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Time of the In-Breath – Part 8

Monthly Archives: December 2015

Time of the In-Breath – Part 8

A Few Short Years

Much has to come together in preparation for this event and many plans have been made and followed. It all comes and comes in a time frame that will be a matter of a few short years. It all comes within this short time span.

It will be important for humankind to understand the event when it occurs. It is necessary to understand the event as it is the catalyst for a far better life for all. In truth, it will be the redemption of your planet.

History reveals that human beings, particularly those who are quick to go to war, will want to react with fighting and the use of weapons. This is the opposite of what is to occur. It is a time to be followed by peace and a New World Order. Amen and amen.

Coming next: Spiritual Phenomenon

Time of the In-Breath – Part 7

The Three Kings

These three individuals are the Three Kings that were prophesized as coming. They have been present and are now preparing the way. They will step forward at pre-destined moments and preparations will be made. We add as well, that these individuals will not be recognized as ‘kings’ according to your concept of the term. They do not rule over a kingdom of any sort in your physical world. They will appear to be ordinary people who have ordinary human roles in life. Yet, at the same time, they are anything but ordinary.

At the designated moment that each knows, each will act according to the plan. It all comes. It comes in time and it will be the salvation for humankind and for all forms of life upon your planet, including the planet itself. All will be according to God’s Divine plan formulated by those in the Highest Realm, the Spiritual Hierarchy, and those trying to help humanity and the Earth.

These beings are also trying to help Earth achieve the status of sacred planet, which will improve the conditions and quality of life for all living things from the ant to the great oceans of your Earth. All this comes. The time nears. This much hoped for shift will occur. It comes. Alleluia. Amen and amen.

Coming next: A few short years

A Day in the Life of a Psychic Medium

While teaching workshops I have found that participants love to hear about my experiences that involve the spirit world as well as psychic phenomenon. So, I have decided to share some of those experiences in my blog. In some blogs I will share information on spiritual topics and in others I will recount some of my experiences and interactions with the Spirit World. Enjoy! Read More

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