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Mentorship Program

I am incredibly excited to offer a mentorship program for several areas of spiritual development. It is a new step on my spiritual journey that follows many years of creating and teaching various spiritual trainings and workshops. At this point, I want to focus more time on writing and readings. Yet, I still want to teach in some way to pass on the knowledge I have gained regarding: developing spirit communication; building a strong meditative practice; and understanding the science behind meditation and spiritual growth. The perfect solution for me — and possibly for you — is a Mentorship Program.

My own journey was like playing a game of snakes and ladders – one minute I seemed to be making good progress only to find myself sliding back to square one. Along the way I met some great teachers and some not so great teachers. I was left at times swinging emotionally from exhilaration to frustration, but through thick and thin, I slowly progressed. All the while I learned a great deal.

As a mentor, I am passionate about using my eclectic experience to help launch someone on their spiritual development path and or accelerate his or her progress. I should say at this stage, this is mentoring and not coaching – the difference being that in most coaching arrangements there is a degree of holding the client to a level of accountability in the performance of agreed tasks (the memories of teaching middle school are all too fresh!). Consequently, it is important that you be self-motivated and self-directed to maximize the benefits of our relationship and your progress.

My areas of expertise I am willing to share through mentoring:

  • Developing Spirit Communication Skills, includes how the spirit world works.
  • Developing Psychic Abilities.
  • Getting to Know Your Spirit Guides. (This requires a Spirit Guide Reading beforehand)
  • Developing a Strong Meditative Practice.

If you feel I can assist you in meeting your goals, please send me a note via the Contact page on this site, outlining your interests and what you hope to achieve. Feel free to share anything you want about yourself to give me a feel for you as a person. I will respond within 72 hours and if I feel there is a good match, I will set-up a call with you to discuss the program in more detail. After that, I envisage we will both be in a position to know whether the ‘chemistry’ is right for a successful mentoring relationship.

Please Note: I am limited on the number of people I can support through the mentoring program, so please only apply if you are prepared to make a minimum commitment of two one-hour sessions per month for a minimum of three months. Each one-hour session is an investment of $100.




“I began working with Ahni at a point in my life when I was once again entering the tunnel of the unknown. Like the birth canal of the Great Mother, darkness was omnipresent. I was in the space between breaths, between chapters of my life’s journey, and I desperately needed a guide. I wanted someone with a multidimensional perspective that could walk with me in the Worlds of Spirit and could help me birth this new vision into the world. Ahni did just that! Like a gentle wind, Ahni guided me home to myself to watch the ever-unfolding journey manifest.

When Ahni and I began working together, my intention was “service and success”. She was able to hold the vision for me when I wavered and could not see it myself. She brought me back again and again to the simplicity, wonder and magic that is Spirit. She is insightful, honest, funny and a gifted intuitive that supported me every step of the way. She was patient and present, and like a mirror, she helped to reflect to me my true nature as well as my divine purpose. I am so blessed to have met and worked with her; my life is richer because of it!”

                                                                                     -Diomira Rose D’Agostino, Pennsylvania

Now taking bookings for all readings from October 1st, 2019