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Time of the In-Breath – Part 10

Time of the In-Breath – Part 10

The Future

A time comes when humankind will wonder how to right all that is going wrong on your planet. It will seem there is no way to adjust or correct all the circumstances. Yet we say, the plan we described will do just that. It will correct and set your world on a whole new path, a hopeful and much needed one—one to exalt and celebrate. It will be an exciting time—if the guidance is followed.

We share as well that a number of people, not to be revealed, will not want this change. They will fear this type of change and will be overcome with a degree of panic. They will want to stop the progress in an attempt to maintain the present state of affairs. Do not be concerned when you hear others speaking out against the changes taking place for they will either acquiesce and accept the goodness and Divine presence in what is occurring, or they will be struck down in one manner or another. It is so—for many beings work to safeguard God’s wish for a better world for all forms of life on the Earth. He especially wants your beautiful earth, this paradise, to survive and begin to blossom and grow in all the beautiful ways it can and used to be.

We share as well there will be a time coming, a future time, when your oceans will be clean and clear once more, as will your lakes, rivers and streams. Waterways that have dried to cracked earth will once more be filled with the life-giving bodies of water. It comes. It comes because your planet and nature will regain their balance. The Web of Life will transform from being distressed and ripped due to the disharmony that has been so present in the world to a healthy structure that connects all forms of life.

Your future is bright. It is filled with hope and so many good things. It will be a New World and a New Order. But . . . there must first be a shift. There must first be a catalyst for change, something that causes people to want to change. If things were permitted to continue on such a destructive course as they have been, humankind and all forms of life and the planet would die a slow and most unhappy and uncomfortable existence until their demise. It is not a pleasant future that presently lies before you. If humankind were to accept that this is your future, you would recognize the need to change and to change now. However, many of you do not. You are wrapped in the illusion that everything will continue to be as it has been in the ‘land of plenty’ in many of your industrialized nations. You choose not to look at the amount of waste piling up in landfills or floating in your oceans. You turn a blind eye to all that is occurring, rather than fix it.

Part of the problem is your focus. If you had an adjustable lens on a camera so you could have a close-up view or a wider view of what is around you, much would be revealed. However, you keep your view, your lens or focus, where you want it. You keep it on your home and or your workplace. If you were to widen the view of the lens you could get a more complete picture. You would began, as you widen the view, to see the pollution, the decreasing forests, plants, and trees that take in carbon monoxide and release oxygen. You would see the abandoned buildings and homes. You would see increasing numbers of homeless individuals that includes families who used to live in those now empty homes. You would see discolorations in the water and layers of chemicals and oils floating on the surface. By widening the lens further, holes in the atmosphere would become visible and your polar regions would appear to be diminishing in size. Your planet is tilting and as a result more changes than you can imagine are occurring.

Look. Take a good hard look at what is occurring. Open your eyes. Then open them wider. See clearly what is happening to people, animals, plants, insects, and your Earth. Your view of your surroundings is not the same as ours. The things we witness on your planet on a daily basis would horrify you. The brutalities, the killings, the abductions and human trafficking, the slaughter of majestic animals for body parts, bombing of one another, destroying forests and native communities that have lived on their land for generations, but now are being displaced and possibly wiped out because a corporation wants the resources on that land. Greed and personal gain at any cost, are part of what has caused your present circumstances and what will worsen it. No one has the right to go to another land or any land and strip it of resources, such as oil, minerals, or water for personal gain. The Earth belongs to everyone, to all living beings, not just a few wealthy individuals. No one person or company has the right to buy up land for selfish gain when it was intended to belong to ALL living beings.

So much needs to be corrected. So much needs to come back into balance and not enough people recognize this. They choose not to see it. And for that reason, the Divine plan will be enacted.

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