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Time of the In-Breath – Part 3

Time of the In-Breath – Part 3

The Prophesized Event

We share that a blast, an explosion of some magnitude, will occur in the area of your world known to humankind as the Middle East. This blast will shock your world. Its sound and energy will reverberate in many ways around your planet. Most people will be shocked and stunned. Some will not be.

In the aftermath, a momentum and a movement will arise, for the explosion will mark a shift in the energy. It will clear that area of the energy of the past. Death will indeed come; but it will be a good death, a necessary death of a way that serves no one. It is necessary to clear what needs to be terminated.

Although many people fear death, it is an integral part of the dynamic of existence. With death comes opportunity because the conclusion of one presence opens room for something new to come forth in its place. So death, in essence, makes way for new life in the form of progress and opportunities. It can be recognized as a great healing force in your world. In point of fact, in the instance of which we have spoken, the event will heal a great, festering wound. From it will arise a New World and a New Order. From the ashes of what has been, Light will enter and take root.

The Christ

The Light will be planted by three people who will rise and lead the way. These individuals will set the course for a new way of being. The three will be led by one who actually sets the course. The other two join him to hold up and support the energy in a way it cannot be misinterpreted or missed. This one, this leader, will be of the time; yet, he will also be of all time for he will be overshadowed by the one most high Christ. As Jesus Christ was overshadowed in his finals days by him, the one and the same, so will this leader who rises from the ashes be overshadowed. This leader is amongst you now. His heart is pure. He does not fully comprehend at this time what his role is to be. Yet, he will become aware at the time he is overshadowed by the Christ, the one and only.

This is the crux of this information—for the knowledge and awareness concerning the involvement of spiritual beings who will assume human form is of utmost significance for it is the involvement of these three in this way that will enable this shift to effectively occur.

The earlier messages regarding the three kings in truth pertained to this prophesized event. Three beings of high spiritual standing are now on Earth and are making preparations for this event to occur.

We share as well, life as you know it now will cease to exist and a new and brighter way of life will be born. This is the projection, the future, as it is seen now. Many lives will be lost in the conflict. Yet, these lives will not have been lost in vain for they will be the catalyst that makes a new world possible. The souls who will be involved in this act, will be sacrificing their lives for the greater good. They chose to do so prior to entering this lifetime. They are martyrs and in truth they are ascended masters. They entered this lifetime for the purpose of changing the world and enabling all forms of life to have a better life and a better opportunity to evolve.

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