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Time of the In-Breath – Part 4

Time of the In-Breath – Part 4

Shedding Light on Judas

As you can understand from what has been said, this is all by Divine design. Since it is by design, various souls chose to be a part and play certain roles that will help achieve the intended goal. This commitment was made prior to entering this life time. Some souls came to take a stand and then march together for peace, while others will assume the role of performing the terrible act that becomes the catalyst for change. The coming together of these two opposites, these polar factions— one harmful and one good—is critically important for the combination will create a better world. Without the occurrence of the terrible act, a better world could not be achieved.

In Christian beliefs the one known as Judas committed an act of betrayal against Jesus. In truth, he did not want to do such a thing against Jesus who was a person he loved dearly. Yet, he followed through, fulfilling that role so the world and future generations could understand what is possible for humankind. That act was required to achieve what you refer to as the resurrection. Such is the case with what we have described for the future.

We bring your attention to a point in time, a point in the future when all God’s creatures will live in peace, when each will have concern for one another as if it were himself. In that time, there will be peace, a peace that passes present understanding. The future we speak of must be difficult for people in this present time to comprehend. It must seem to be fiction; yet it is totally possible and will become a reality when enough people become conscious of making the right choices and taking the right actions for all concerned, rather than only for themselves. This shift will change your present world to one of compassion, unity, and freedom.

Purpose for the Prophecy

We share this information now for a number of important reasons. We share it so your world will understand there are incidents that at first appear to be terrible and cause people to want to retaliate; yet the events may have a greater purpose. Such is the event that comes. When the aforementioned blast occurs, please understand it is part of the solution—the one act that corrects by clearing the harmful energy that has held so many in its grasp for so long. In essence, we are saying this event will be a good thing for the Middle East and a good thing for your realm.

This event will bring to the fore a new leader who can lead in a way that will move everyone forward with hope and with a vision for how things can be. This act will enable others to reframe their perspective regarding what is possible. It will bring people together and enable them to lay down their weapons for they will understand there truly is a better way. Most of all they will understand that better way is right before their eyes.

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