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Time of the In-Breath – Part 6

Time of the In-Breath – Part 6

Involvement of Spiritual Sources

Upon hearing this prophecy, some will question the possibility of such a global shift as we have described. After all, this type of change did not spring forth from the ashes of World War I nor World War II. So why would it occur in this era from an incident in the Middle East?

We say, it will occur at this point in time due to the power and involvement of spiritual sources, for it will not only be humankind that is involved in the event that will become the catalyst for change. There will also be significant spiritual beings acting upon the will of God that will cause this event to be so profoundly powerful.

Let us reaffirm what will occur. There will be an enormous blast that will be a horrific event. From the ashes will walk a small group of people, arm in arm, to show they are united in creating a new and better way—a way of peace. In the midst of these young people whose destinies involve that critical moment in time, will be The Christ, the one and only Christ, overlaying his spirit and energy in that moment. In truth and in fact, these courageous individuals will be supported and empowered by one of the highest spiritual sources in existence. The Chohan, the one and only Christ, not to be confused with the beloved Jesus Christ, will appear in that time in human form as he overlays or overshadows his power upon those involved. This will be a truly spiritual, emotional, and inspirational moment in time for humanity. It will be so because of the Divine involvement at that time.

We share there will be others who will be involved—others who will be present in physical form to help create and hold a level of energy upon the Earth for this to occur. In total there will be three spiritual beings who will assume human form to enable this shift to effectively occur. In truth, earlier messages regarding the coming of the Three Kings pertained to this event. Three beings of high spiritual standing are now on Earth and are making preparations for this event to occur.

Coming tomorrow: The Three Kings

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